Student View of EvalKit--No login required

There are multiple ways for students to login to an online instructor course evaluation and multiple ways to get to the evaluation.

Before the evaluation begins students, students receive an email with the information about how to login and the duration of the project. Then, on the first day of the evaluation project, they receive an email with a box that looks like this:

  1. They click on the "Go to Survey" link and it takes them directly into the evaluation, no login asked.
  2.  If the student is already logged into Canvas and click on their class, a popup appears, see below. They click on Go to Evaluation and it takes them directly into the evaluation.
  3. The next method is we message students who haven't completed the evaluation through Canvas inbox three times during the project, beginning on the 5th instruction day of the 10 instructional days of the project. 
  4. They can open the message in the Inbox and click on the evaluation link that goes directly to the evaluation. The message also sends a notification to their Shoreline email; same message and link.

Bottom line, no login required to access the evaluations.

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