How do I print my graded assignment with Instructor comments using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

Printing process to include comments:


  1. Go to grades, click on graded assignment and when it opens, click on View Feedback.
  2. To print the file with comments, click on the download icon to save the annotated file.
  3. Open saved file in Adobe Reader DC and scroll down document to locate the first comment. Right click to highlight the comment and then, select “Open all Popups”. Right click on the comment again and select "Show Comment App", all the comments will appear on the right side of page.
  4. Look at the top of the Comment frame and click on the three "..." and select Commenting Preferences.
  5. Go to File > Print and on the Print set up page, select Document and Markups and click on Summarize Comments.
  6. Click Yes to include the text of summarized comments in the document being printed.
  7. Note that the pages have increased, click Print.
  8. Your comments are marked with a number box to the right where the comment is located but you will see the comment labelled "Summary of Comments"  with the corresponding  page number.
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