State employee tuition waiver

State employees, including Shoreline CC employees, can qualify for a tuition waiver at Shoreline.  To take advantage of this waiver, students must download a waiver form. Students must request permission from an instructor to sign up for a class using the State Employee Tuition Waiver form. Both state employees and Shoreline CC employees must also have their Human Resources department fill out their section of the waiver form.

Students who use this waiver can register for up to 6 credits per quarter at this discounted rate. Under a tuition waiver, students must wait until the 6th day of the quarter (4th day for Summer quarter) to officially register for a class. Tuition and fees are due within 24 hours of registration.

Under this program a state or Shoreline CC employee pay a $20.00 non-refundable fee per quarter plus per credit college fees and any special fees specific to individual classes.

To request access to the online course for the first week of instruction, please view this article.



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