Tuition Waiver Students in Online Classes

We can add state tuition or senior waiver students temporarily to your class prior to the 6th day and tuition waivers/discounts are available for state employees and senior citizens.  If a student contacts you about registering for your class prior to the 6th day of instruction, please fill out the Adding Users to Canvas course request form and we can add them to the class. Then, please remind the students to officially register between the 6th and 9th day of the quarter.  If they do not end up registering, ask eLearning Services to remove them from your Canvas classroom. 

By the 10th day of the quarter when the College does a count of all students, all students showing on your Canvas People page (except those marked as "inactive") should also be showing on Instructor Briefcase.  Instructor Briefcase is the official roster for your class. 

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