Inactive Student status in Canvas

Inactive Status

Inactive enrollments are students previously enrolled in a course but who have been dropped from the course. They no longer can access course content.  

  • Inactive enrollments cannot view the name of the course in their Courses list or see a
    course card in the Canvas Dashboard.
  • Inactive enrollments cannot be sent or receive messages through any messaging
    option in Canvas.
  • Inactive enrollments cannot be added to any groups in a course. If the student was
    already in a group when he or she was deactivated, the student no longer has access
    to the group; other students in the group cannot view inactive students in the group
    People page.
  • If necessary, instructors can still access any previously submitted assignments from
    inactive enrollments, both in Assignments and SpeedGrader.
  • Instructors can still assign grades to inactive students. However, inactive students
    cannot view grades or receive any notifications about assignment comments.
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