Inactive Student Status on Canvas People Page

Question: Why are some students now marked as "inactive" on my People page in Canvas?

Answer: Students marked as "inactive" in Canvas are those who have registered for your class but have since dropped or been dropped, with the following caveats: 

  • It does not reflect all students who have dropped your class.  Starting spring 2018, it will reflect only students who have dropped after the 5th instructional day of the quarter as that information may be needed for financial aid purposes.
  • These "inactive" students will NOT show on Instructor Briefcasewhich is the official class roster.  
  • Students who have dropped your class during the withdrawal period of the quarter will show on the Canvas People page as inactive and also will show on Instructor Briefcase with a "W" grade. 
  • Inactive students do not show by default in your Canvas grade book.  You can display them by going to Grades > click on the Gear (upper right) > show inactive enrollments.
  • Previously submitted assignments from inactive students can be accessed both in Assignments and SpeedGrader.
  • Inactive students in your Canvas class cannot:
    • View grades or receive any notifications about assignment comments. 
    • Access Canvas course content.  
    • View the name of your class in their Canvas Courses list or see a 
      course card in the Canvas Dashboard. 
    • Be sent or receive messages through any messaging option in Canvas. 
    • Be added to any groups in a course. If the student was 
      already in a group when he or she was deactivated, the student no longer has access 
      to the group; other students in the group cannot view inactive students in the group 
      People page. 
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